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Cat Land Pet Filler

Finally, a revolutionary clumping cat litter appeared on the Ukrainian pet supplies market! Cat Land is a hygienic bentonite filler for pets. It is a mixture of specially treated clay lumps that perfectly absorb large amounts of moisture. The composition includes 100% natural bentonite clay, which is absolutely safe for the health of your pet. Our filler does not stick to the paws of animals and does not create dust, so nothing threatens your carpets and floor coverings! 

If liquid enters the cat's toilet, small lumps are formed that collect all moisture and lock odors! You do not need to replace the entire tray - you just need to remove the lumps that have formed and add a little more to the filler, thereby minimizing the consumption of filler and your pet will not have any worries or discomfort!


Cat Land perfectly neutralizes odors thanks to the natural antibacterial components of bentonite. A specially designed composition fights the growth and reproduction of bacteria, thereby guaranteeing the health of your pet. Combined with a dust-reducing formula, clumping filler is ideal for owners of several cats.

Discard used filler in the bin. Do not throw it into the toilet or flush drain.

If you care about comfort for your pet, then choose Cat Land!

Bentonite cat litter is composed of mineral clay
Bentonite cat litter is composed of mineral clay

Pet owners know from their own experience that beloved pets are not only joy, but also certain chores. Now in stores you can find many products that will facilitate the care of your pets. Among these products is litter for cats. If you are the happy owner of a cat or kitty, or maybe you have several animals at once, then do not forget about buying litter for the tray.

To live a pet cat in an apartment, you must purchase a tray and filler. If it is not difficult to choose a tray, then fillers are presented in a wide range. The most popular is bentonite cat litter. It is a filler made of natural material, which has an affordable cost and many advantages.

Bentonite cat litter consists of mineral clay, which is a natural, safe substance. The filler is in the form of small gray grains. Bentonite clay is highly hygroscopic, so when in contact with cat urine, the granules get wet and turn into lumps.

 Favorite animals are not only joy, but also certain chores
Favorite animals are not only joy, but also certain chores

It is also important to mention that bentonite clay mixes come in many different colors. This feature is associated with the natural origin of the material. The color of the natural filler is formed based on the conditions in which the clay was formed, as well as from impurities of other minerals that are part of the raw material.

Therefore, if you notice differences in the color of the filler, although you are buying a mixture from the same brand, you should not think that you have fallen for a fake. After all, the products of the same manufacturer may differ in shades. It can be: beige, white, brown, blue, yellow, green, gray or others.

The safety of the substance is also important, the bentonite filler is safe for both animals and humans. Cats quickly become accustomed to bentonite filler, because its fine, free-flowing consistency resembles earth or sand when buried. The ability of the granules to clump guarantees an economical use of the filler. A full tray change will be sufficient about once a week.

Наполнитель для кошек от сможете приобрести в Константиновском "Заводе утяжелителей"
Наполнитель для кошек от сможете приобрести в Константиновском "Заводе утяжелителей"

Наполнитель для кошек от сможете приобрести в Константиновском "Заводе утяжелителей". Наше предприятие расположено в донецкой области, где имеет огромные производственные мощности. Удобное расположение по отношению к железнодорожному транспорту позволяет отправлять продукцию большими партиями в любую точку Украины, ближнего и дальнего зарубежья.
При производстве наполнителя для кошек используются самые современные технологии. Оборудование итальянского производства дает возможность производить продукт, который соответствует всем требованиям европейского союза.

Лучший наполнитель для кошек вы можете купить у нас.
Лучший наполнитель для кошек вы можете купить у нас.

Лучший наполнитель для кошек вы можете купить у нас. Мы самый крупный в Украине производитель гигиенического бентонитового наполнителя. Наша продукция имеет самое высокое качество. Минеральный наполнитель для домашних животных является экологически чистым и безопасным продуктом. В нашем интернет магазине Вы можете заказать разные наборы. Для частных клиентов мы предлагаем пакеты массой в 2,5 и 5 кг. Из этих позиций может быть сформирован заказ объемом от 2,5 до 100 кг. Если Ваш бизнес связан с товарами для домашних животных мы можем доставить Вам наполнитель более крупными партиями, например от 100 кг. до 650 кг. Самым крупным заказчикам мы предлагаем наполнитель от 1000 кг. и более. 
Наш наполнитель Вы можете применять для ухода за Вашими любимцами, он одинаково полезен и безопасен для кошек и собак, для хомячков и кроликов.