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Cat Land Pet Filler

Finally, a revolutionary clumping cat litter appeared on the Ukrainian pet supplies market! Cat Land is a hygienic bentonite filler for pets. It is a mixture of specially treated clay lumps that perfectly absorb large amounts of moisture. The composition includes 100% natural bentonite clay, which is absolutely safe for the health of your pet. Our filler does not stick to the paws of animals and does not create dust, so nothing threatens your carpets and floor coverings! 

If liquid enters the cat's toilet, small lumps are formed that collect all moisture and lock odors! You do not need to replace the entire tray - you just need to remove the lumps that have formed and add a little more to the filler, thereby minimizing the consumption of filler and your pet will not have any worries or discomfort!


Cat Land perfectly neutralizes odors thanks to the natural antibacterial components of bentonite. A specially designed composition fights the growth and reproduction of bacteria, thereby guaranteeing the health of your pet. Combined with a dust-reducing formula, clumping filler is ideal for owners of several cats.

Discard used filler in the bin. Do not throw it into the toilet or flush drain.

If you care about comfort for your pet, then choose Cat Land!

Fillers are very important for the comfortable coexistence of humans and cats
Fillers are very important for the comfortable coexistence of humans and cats

When going to the litter box, the cat is guided by natural needs and instincts. Undoubtedly, the owners of cats are only at hand. After all, knowing what our pet needs, and knowing how to train a kitten to the litter box, you can make life easier for everyone.
Fillers are very important for the comfortable coexistence of humans and cats. First, litter helps the cat know where to go to the toilet. After all, if there is nowhere to dig and there is nothing to rake in, then perhaps this is not a toilet at all. Secondly, cat litter absorbs unpleasant odors and thus makes life more comfortable for people around cats.

Many years ago, the fillers for cat litter were newspapers torn into small pieces and sand from the nearest sandbox or pond. But today it is extremely unhygienic and even dangerous for the health of people and even more so for cats.
Granular fillers made from clayey bentonite rocks such fillers perfectly absorb moisture and odors, while forming a lump (the so-called lumpy cat litter), which can be easily removed from the tray using a spatula.
According to reviews, the advantages of such fillers are ease of cleaning, do not stick to the paws, the assortment includes fillers with granules of different sizes that will suit your pet.
To order our filler, go to the site Or call +38 050-484-15-35. Our staff will contact you and advise you on the use and purchase.

Bentonite cat litter is composed of mineral clay
Bentonite cat litter is composed of mineral clay

Pet owners know from their own experience that beloved pets are not only joy, but also certain chores. Now in stores you can find many products that will facilitate the care of your pets. Among these products is litter for cats. If you are the happy owner of a cat or kitty, or maybe you have several animals at once, then do not forget about buying litter for the tray.

To live a pet cat in an apartment, you must purchase a tray and filler. If it is not difficult to choose a tray, then fillers are presented in a wide range. The most popular is bentonite cat litter. It is a filler made of natural material, which has an affordable cost and many advantages.

Bentonite cat litter consists of mineral clay, which is a natural, safe substance. The filler is in the form of small gray grains. Bentonite clay is highly hygroscopic, so when in contact with cat urine, the granules get wet and turn into lumps.

Bentonite litter for cat litter.
Bentonite litter for cat litter.

When choosing litter for cat litter, it is important to consider many factors: it must be environmentally friendly, safe, easy to use. Cat Land bentonite filler meets the highest requirements and is ideal for both professional and home use. Suitable for all cats!

How to use cat litter?
How to use cat litter?

The correct organization of the toilet is a mandatory aspect of the life and upbringing of an urban cat, which does not have the opportunity to go outside to relieve itself. One of the easiest ways to keep your pet comfortable in these matters is to install a special litter tray.

How to use cat litter? Why do you need filler at all?
Our grandmothers did not even think about buying specialized cat litter products and used what was on the farm: old newspapers, sawdust and sand. Such a popular method would not have enjoyed such popularity if it was not effective, but in comparison with modern special bentonite granules Cat Land, it still loses.